In this article, we will share our playbook for profitably growing retailers’ online sales to $100,000. Material Retail is a specialized team dedicated to helping independent retailers streamline their businesses and grow in-store and online. We offer software tools, manage a marketplace, and support retailers in establishing a solid online presence. We exclusively work with independent retailers in the fashion, home/gift, and kids’ verticals, which allows us to continuously refine our offerings and provide tailored solutions.

Strengths of Independent Retailers and Material Retail

The particular relationship works great because we are combining our strengths with retailers.

Independent retailers excel at:

  • Curating merchandise
  • Building customer relationships

Material Retail excels at:

  • Building and designing beautiful websites
  • Bringing customers to those websites
  • Analyzing data

By combining these strengths, we help businesses expand their customer base through effective online sales strategies.

Our Approach

Most independent retailers have some online presence but struggle to achieve significant online sales. Here’s how we help:

  1. Marketplace Integration: We integrate their inventory into the Shoptiques marketplace, where products are marketed without additional daily work from the boutique. This is risk-free, with no upfront costs, and boutiques pay a commission only on sold products.
  2. Website Development: We focus on three main areas to boost online sales:
    • Beautiful Websites: Professional and user-friendly websites are crucial. Our expertise ensures that the site appears polished and trustworthy, regardless of the boutique’s size.
    • Effective Merchandising: We implement sophisticated filtering systems to help customers easily find what they’re looking for, enhancing their shopping experience.
    • Marketing: We use proven strategies like Google Shopping ads to connect customers with the products they desire, achieving a high returns on ad spend.
  3. Ongoing Optimization: We continually refresh the website, run email campaigns, and conduct regular testing to maintain and boost performance.

Examples of Our Work

Here are a few examples of websites we’ve developed for our clients:

These sites showcase our commitment to creating beautiful, functional, and effective e-commerce platforms that drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

Our Unique Approach

Our success is built on four key principles:

  1. Focus and Intentionality: We exclusively work with independent retailers and tailor our services to meet their specific needs, delivering quick and high-return results.
  2. Passionate Team: Our team’s diverse skill set and passion for our work drive exceptional outcomes.
  3. Internal Application: We use our own services on our e-commerce marketplace, ensuring top-quality performance.
  4. Collaborative Feedback: We value and implement feedback from boutique owners, fostering continuous improvement and alignment with their business goals.

Proven Results

Our method has consistently transformed boutique sales, achieving remarkable growth:

  • 18x Increase in Online Sales: Boutiques saw an average increase of 18x in online sales compared to the previous year. Going from $5,000 in sales to $100,000 is normal for us!
  • Significant Sales Boosts: Examples include one store growing from $50 to $10K and another from $20K to over $100K in just one quarter.
  • Widespread Success: 10 out of 17 stores more than quintupled their business.

Alignment with Retailers

We understand the hesitancy in taking risks outside of core brick-and-mortar operations. Therefore, our pricing model aligns our incentives with boutique sales growth. We charge a percentage of sales, ensuring our success depends on increasing your sales.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about our process and determining if you’re a good fit for our program, please fill out the form below or choose a time from this calendar. We look forward to helping your boutique thrive online.

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